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Monday Aug. 29th 7:00 pm

Tell Me the Number before Infinity is an honest, moving, informative, often funny and inspiring account of a girl and her mother’s journey. Becky Taylor is a mathematical whiz, who has cerebral palsy and a B.S. in Computer Science. With her mother, Dena Taylor, M.S.W., they describe life in their family and the realities of having a disability. The Taylors’ pivotal action hugely contributed to California’s historical mainstreaming of disabled children into the public school system.

Thursday Sept. 1st 7:00 pm

In Jensen Beach’s extraordinarily poised collection of stories, characters are besieged and haunted by disasters both personal and national. Shot through with loss and the regret of missed opportunities,Swallowed b**y the Cold is a searching and crystalline book by a startlingly talented young writer.

Beginning with an aggravating phone call, a strange request, and the sudden disappearance of a mother and her daughter, Unknown Caller moves backwards in time and across several continents to tell a funny, moving, and genuinely surprising story about families, misunderstandings, secrets, falls from grace, and chances for redemption.

Friday Sept. 2nd 7:00 pm

Told in Senator’s trademark warm, honest, and approachable style, Autism Adulthood paints a vivid and thought-provoking picture of many people grappling with grown-up, real-life autism. Featuring thirty interviews with autistic adults, their parents, caregivers, researchers, and professionals, Senator’s is the only book of its kind, as real families share their stories and their creative solutions. From her own son with autism, now twenty-five, she has learned “never say never.”

Saturday Sept. 3rd 10:30 am

Do you love picture books? Join us in our children’s section for drop-in storytime every first Saturday and third Sunday of the month. This week’s storytime will feature a guest reading by picture book authorJosh Funk(Pirasaurs!).

Tuesday Sept. 6th 7:00 pm

Credited with sparking the current memoir explosion, Mary Karr’sThe Liars’ Club spent more than a year at the top of The New York Times bestseller list. In The Art of Memoir, she synthesizes her expertise as professor and therapy patient, writer and spiritual seeker, recovered alcoholic and “black belt sinner,” providing a unique window into the mechanics and art of the form that is as entertaining as her own work in the genre.

Wednesday Sept. 7th 7:00 pm

With his breakout debut novel, Rules of Civility, Amor Towles established himself as a master of absorbing, historical fiction. A Gentleman in Moscow immerses us in another elegantly drawn era with the story of Count Alexander Rostov. When, in 1922, he is deemed an unrepentant aristocrat by a Bolshevik tribunal, the count is sentenced to house arrest in a hotel across the street from the Kremlin. Unexpectedly, his reduced circumstances provide him a doorway into a much larger world of emotional discovery.

Thursday Sept. 8th 6:00 pm

How do we fulfill our conflicting duties as father, husband, and son; wife and mother; child and adult? Jew and American? How can we claim our own identities when our lives are linked so closely to others’? These are the questions at the heart of Jonathan Safran Foer’s first novel in eleven years―a work of extraordinary scope and heartbreaking intimacy.

This event requires tickets which are available at, in-store, or over the phone at 617-566-6660.


Friday Sept. 9th 7:00 pm

Like “Agent Mulder” of The X-Files, computer programmer and sheriff’s deputy Zukowski is obsessed with tracking down UFO reports. Zukowski discovers multiple bizarre incidences of mutilations, and suddenly realizes that they cluster around the 37th Parallel or “UFO Highway.” This true story will keep you up at night, staring at the sky, and wondering if we really are alone.

Saturday Sept. 10th 5:00 pm

Based on a true story, Girl Waits with Gun introduced us to Constance Kopp and her charming and steadfast sisters. Lady Cop Makes Trouble sets Constance loose on the streets of New York City and New Jersey–tracking down victims, trailing leads, and making friends as she forges her own path, tackling crime and nefarious criminals along the way.

Sunday Sept. 11th 7:00 pm
Noir at the Bar image

Brookline Booksmith is proud to present Noir at the Bar, a reading series focused on dark crime fiction. There will be readings, raffle prizes, and straight bourbons galore at Osaka Restaurant’s downstairs bar (14 Green St. right around the corner from the store).Featuring readers: David Baillie, Joe Clifford, Rory Flynn, Stephanie Gayle, Bracken MacLeod, Tony McMillen, and Kim Savage. Free and open to all!

Monday Sept. 12th 12:00 am

The Brookline Booksmith Book Club meets at 7:30pm downstairs in our Writers and Readers Room. No need to sign up, just show up. To contact our moderator, email This month we are reading Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg.

Tuesday Sept. 13th 4:30 pm

Join our kids’ book club on the second Tuesday of every month from 4:30-5:30pm to discuss a great book! No sign-up needed. Ask a kids’ bookseller about this month’s pick or email for more information.

Tuesday Sept. 13th 7:00 pm

Set in the Chinese city of Nanjing during the time of the Sino-Japanese war (1937-1945), this novel tells the story of four people caught up in the violence and tumult. When the Japanese invade there is no safe place in the city and each must try to survive against the odds. Vivid and disturbing, Nanjing Never Cries offers a compelling story of the horror of war and the power of love and friendship.

Wednesday Sept. 14th 7:00 pm

This vivid novel follows characters whose fates intertwine in an iconic building in the East Village, the Christodora. Moving kaleidoscopically from the Tompkins Square Riots and attempts by activists to galvanize a true response to the AIDS epidemic, to the New York City of the future, Christodora recounts the heartbreak wrought by AIDS, illustrates the allure and destructive power of hard drugs, and brings to life the ever-changing city itself.Tim Murphy will be appearing in conversation with novelist Scott Heim (Mysterious Skin).

Sunday Sept. 18th 10:30 pm

Do you love picture books? Join us in our children’s section for drop-in storytime every first Saturday and third Sunday of the month. This week’s storytime will feature a guest reading by picture book author Eric Morse (What Is Punk?)!

Monday Sept. 19th 7:00 pm

Read something off the beaten path! Our Small Press Book Club discusses a book published by an independent press. Free and open to the public, meeting the third Monday of every month at 7:00pm. To contact our moderator, email

Tuesday Sept. 20th 7:00 pm

Robert Quinlan is a seventy-year-old historian, teaching at Florida State University, where his wife Darla is also tenured. Their marriage, forged in the fervor of anti-Vietnam-war protests, now bears the fractures of time. From Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert Olen Butler comes Perfume River, an exquisite novel that examines family ties and the legacy of the Vietnam War through the portrait of a single family.

Wednesday Sept. 21st 7:00 pm

When Elizabeth Lesser’s sister Maggie needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life, and Lesser learns that she is the perfect match, she faces the complex question about what it really means to love. Marrow is joyous and heartbreaking, incandescent and profound, revealing how even the most difficult experiences can offer unexpected spiritual growth.

Thursday Sept. 22nd 7:00 pm

All is quiet in the town of Paradise, except for a spate of innocuous vandalism. But when a major Boston crime boss is brutally murdered Jesse Stone suspects it’s the work of Mr. Peepers, a psychotic assassin who has caused trouble for Jesse in the past. Still, there’s a debt to pay and blood to be spilled to satisfy it. But whose blood, and just how much?

Friday Sept. 23rd 7:00 pm

A disquieting and meditative look at the issue that started the biggest food fight of our time- GMOs. From a journalist and mother who learned that genetically modified corn was the culprit behind what was making her and her child sick, a must-read book for anyone trying to parse the incendiary discussion about genetically modified foods.

Monday Sept. 26th 7:00 pm

Jessica fears she will never be free of her past—until she discovers the obituary of a young woman, whose life is a ghostly echo of her own. So begins Jessica Teich’s quest to unravel a mystery: the suicide of someone she never met. Part psychological memoir, part literary thriller, The Future Tense of Joy is the luminous account of one woman’s efforts to free herself, and her family, from the demons of the past.

Wednesday Sept. 28th 7:00 pm

With Standoff, David Rivard, winner of the James Laughlin Award, asks an essential question: In a world of noise, of global anxiety and media distraction, how can we speak to each other with honesty?

Del Sol Poetry Prize-winner David Blair’s Arsonville is a collection of  poems in several registers at once, comic and elegiac, about contemporary life and its large intersections and personal interstices.

Thursday Sept. 29th 7:00 pm

A warm, intimate account of the love between Eleanor Roosevelt and reporter Lorena Hickok—a relationship that, over more than three decades, transformed both women’s lives and empowered them to play significant roles in one of the most tumultuous periods in American history.

Tuesday Oct. 11th 7:00 pm

From the National Book Award–winning author ofJust Kids, M Train is an unforgettable odyssey of a legendary artist, told through the cafés and haunts she has worked in around the world. It is a book Patti Smith has described as “a roadmap to my life.” Braiding despair with hope and consolation, illustrated with her signature Polaroids,M Train is a meditation on travel, detective shows, literature, and coffee. It is a powerful, deeply moving book by one of the most remarkable multiplatform artists at work today.Patti Smith will be appearing in conversation with author and Boston native Michael Patrick MacDonald (All Souls).


This event requires tickets which are $25.00 each and include one paperback copy of M Train. Tickets are available through the Berklee box office or online: