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Building Stories
Chris Ware

Whether you love poignant comics, peerless illustration, gripping graphic novels, or are a full-fledged Nerdus Domesticus, this is bound to be your bag (well...box): fourteen fully illustrated books in a box that can be read in any order by comic mastermind and author of Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth, the preeminent pencilsmith Chris Ware.

Song Reader

Harkening back to the age before recorded music, we are presented with a new album by the wildly-acclaimed pop freaker Beck in the form of twenty original songs... on sheet music! Each song has been lavishly individually illustrated by an array of accomplished visual artists and rests in a handsome portmanteau. Furthermore, upload your own renditions on the Song Reader website.

The Books They Gave Me:
True Stories of Life, Love and Lit

Jen Adams

In these days of rampant reading on digital doohickeys, there are still few greater pleasures for readers than the gift of a book from someone special (or, at times, not-so-special). Based on the blog of the same name, The Books They Gave Me collects 200 of the site's finest submissions: stories of love, loss, laughs, and the books that endure throughout our lives.

The Where the Why and the How:
75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science

Matt Lamonthe

The principles of science can be infinitely baffling, but once you witness the pulchritudinous simplicity that contemporary artists take on the structure of water or how trees communicate in this unprecedented tome, you can spread your newfound professorial brilliance throughout the land. Wondrous shelf candy for your home library (or laboratory).

Dancers Among Us:
A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday

Jordan Matter

In this joyous fête of feet, professional dancers are snapped in studied frozen motion, mirthfully in mid-air, amid our quotidian world. Send someone a smile with this stunning collection of photos that epitomize the marvel of the human form and shout "heel is other people."

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