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Oliver Sacks

With his hallmark compassion and dynamic prose, legendary neurologist Oliver Sacks delves into the vast unknown of hallucination with this long-awaited study. Chronicling his own hallucinatory experiences from living with powerful migraines and recreational experimentation, Dr. Sacks injects compelling memoir into his lucid, page-turning scientific investigation.

On Politics: A History of Political Thought From Herodotus to the Present
Alan Ryan

An undertaking of ambitious scope, thirty years in the making, On Politics is a two volume sprawling, eminently readable history of political philosophy by one of the world's most respected auteurs of erudition.

Railway Maps of the World
Mark Ovenden

Railroads literally laid the tracks of our modern world, making goods and culture accessible as well as providing infinitely entertaining diagrams to puzzle and inform. With over 500 full color reproductions, Railway Maps of the World assembles a veritable cabin car of cartography from the beautiful to the banal to the boo-ya.

The Signal and the Noise:
Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don't

Nate Silver

Have you ever wondered why seismologists can't actually forecast an earthquake or how the heck computers can whip us in a game of chess? It's our prediction that you want to know. Fortunately, this spirited chronicle of conjecture by famed New York Times blogger and Presidential stat-master, Nate Silver, is here to stoke your mindfire.

Foundation: The History of England
from Its Earliest Beginnings to the Tudors

Peter Ackroyd

In another enterprise of intellectual enormity, Anglophile extraordinaire Peter Ackroyd has been penning a complete history of England, and this first volume of six provides a mesmerizing narrative of the storied kingdom. Delightedly, this is merely the beginning.

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