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Booksmith Marches to Copley Square To Festivate.

by Paul

“For had I bought a dinner, we should have eaten it tomorrow, and the pleasure would have been soon over, but should we live fifty years longer, we shall have the Night Thoughts to feast upon.”
James Lackington, revolutionary 18th-century London bookseller who redefined what a bookstore could be, on spending his last half-crown on a book of poetry.

Did you click that link? Can you believe that before Lackington, bookstores would buy up vast quantities of remaindered books and then set fire to most of them, in order to jack up the price?! We’ve come a long way, thank goodness. But books still burn bright every autumn in Copley Square!  And once again we are thrilled and honored to be the bookseller of choice for
that wonderful fall tradition, the Boston Book Festival. Come say hi in our pop-up store on the Square, and browse through the works on offer from the amazing lineup of authors appearing at this year’s Festival, including: Frank Gehry, Emma Donoghue, Maria Semple, Tom Perrotta, Jon Klassen, oh why am I even bothering, just go see for yourself the truly astonishing variety of talent this time around.

I would love to stick around and chat some more, but it’s been a crazy busy few days for yours truly, and I can tell that I’d just start rambling and get things mixed up, like this morning on the register when I asked the customer if they’d like a bag for their books, and they clearly said no, and so I flap-flap-flapped open a bag and slid their books in, and then
“No, I said I don’t need a bag.”
“Oh, jeez, my mind is working on some project ten miles from here, I’m only half here, sorry.”
“No, don’t apologize. You’re not the one who put a globe in the refrigerator.”

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