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Doors Are Always Open At Booksmith :)

dedicated to the fine art of browsing

That’s been Booksmith’s driving philosophy since 1961.
In easy times the phrase “..the fine art of browsing” might evoke a sense of solitary pleasure, of leisure and of quiet exploration. But in uncertain times it says something else.
A “fine art” isn’t anyone’s birthright, and it isn’t some impulse to be indulged on a lazy afternoon. Fine art is the result of focused effort over time. And “browsing” - when done right, when done artfully - is not a leisurely pursuit. Browsing in a bookstore amounts to lending your ear to a multitude of voices, and holding in your hands the fruit of another person’s experience. Examining, considering, and then making your choice.
As always, and even more so now, Brookline Booksmith is dedicated to the fine art of browsing. So bring your friends, bring your family, and invite your enemies, too. Among people, among their stories, is the place to be.

And should you despair, please remember what Kevin Garnett once told us.

So, what else are you going to find in Booksmith this week? You’ll find:

The Giftsmith has been working overtime to bring a little extra touch of magic and wonder into the store, we could all use a little of that, right?
And beyond that we have some great events lined up, including what is sure to be an amazing evening with actress/comedian Jenny Slate and her father, poet Ron Slate. Free copies of their book will be given to the first fifty people to the event! Check the details.

Take care of each other out there, friends.

Thanks for reading,

currently reading These Are the Names by Tommy Wieringa.
currently listening to 70s 80s.

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