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Happy Thanksgiving!

by Paul

If you do plan on attempting the classic turkey switch, follow my simple recipe. As you open the oven door, with your back to the audience, slip the real, fully cooked turkey under your shirt, exchanging it with the inflatable one. Be sure to let the fake bird rest for 20 minutes. When it comes time to carve, don’t make a big show of it: the POP should appear to surprise you most of all. Wait a second, and then under the cover of a small smoke bomb slide the real bird out from under your shirt and onto the platter. Experienced pranksters will have sprayed some asbestos on their torso beforehand. In a pinch, duct tape a bunch of potholders to your tummy.

The winners of the National Book Awards for 2016 are either on our shelves or are on their way to the store, you can  check out the winners here. And be sure to watch Terrance Hayes’ powerful speech honoring Cave Canem, an organization created with the mission to be a home for black poets.

Great news: Brookline selectpersons have voted to waive parking fees in all commercial town districts this Saturday, making it that much easier to celebrate your local independent businesses on Small Business Saturday on Nov. 26th! There will also be free parking for Brookline’s First Light, with meters being turned off at 5pm on Dec. 1st.
Thank you Brookline!

We wish you the happiest, warmest, and safest of Thanksgivings. May tomorrow and the days after be a moment of relief from the whirlwind of change and trouble that sometimes seems to be lashing every part of the world. Give everyone lots of hugs.
And remember, the turkey will slide out onto the floor if you’re not wearing a sturdy belt.

Thanks for reading,
currently reading These Are the Names by Tommy Wieringa.
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