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Big Things Bruin

by Paul

Over time, any independently owned and operated bookstore will naturally accumulate more than its fair share of bears. Despite the enthusiastic response we got to my scuba dive bar ‘n’ bookstore plan which was unveiled in last week’s newsletter, we have decided instead to turn the front of the store into a state of the art bear habitat. We’ll need a few days next week for the renovations.
Only one thing in that paragraph is even remotely true. Prize if you can guess which one before I tell you - TOO LATE, it’s the thing about being closed next week for renovations. We’re doing a long dreamed-of update to the front of the store, and we will indeed be closed during the work.
Next week’s hours are:

Mon 1/16:   8:30am - 6pm
Tues 1/17:   CLOSED

Wed 1/18:   CLOSED (we will open the events space for the 7pm event with Will Schwalbe)
Thur 1/19:   Noon - 10pm

Last week we posted our Top 25 of 2016, and a few folks out there let us know that we actually only had twenty-four on the list. Well, it was our understanding that there would be no math in bookselling. Regardless, for catching the mistake, each of the clever counters was given a free bear as a reward. Check that list again, see if you can spot that 25th!

Here’s a bit of sage advice for the coming year,
from our President’s farewell speech last night:
If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet,
try talking with one of them in real life
Thank you for that, and for a whole lot more, President Obama.

Thanks for reading,
currently reading Borne by Jeff Vandermeer.
currently listening to Way Out Weather by Steve Gunn.

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