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Blind Date With a Book Gets Real.

by Paul

Three of our Booksmith family traveled out to Minneapolis last week to attend the annual Winter Institute, where booksellers, authors and publishers gather to share ideas, push each other to be better, and sure, they probably try to out-book-nerd each other a little bit. Roxane Gay kicked off the event (and gave our industry a kick in the butt) with a call to action that extends well beyond just the bookselling world. It’s about the responsibility to seek out the uncomfortable place, to start the difficult conversation. It’s also about the idea that bookstores are sanctuaries, places where imagination, generosity and curiosity have no boundaries.

But there are all kinds of difficult conversations, like talking your almost eight-year-old daughter into going into the next room and finding that piece of paper by herself, she can do it, because you are telling her exactly where it is. (To be fair, her mom handled that one, not me.) Another kind could happen on your first Valentine’s Day with a new partner, when you find out this deliciously dark and cynical person you’ve fallen for swoons at the thought of heart-shaped chocolate boxes, so your complete lack of a plan for V-Day isn’t going down so well. Surprise!
You know what Cupid would recommend? Of course you don’t! You’ll never know what book you’re going to fall in love with when you go on a Blind Date with a Book! In our Kids, Remainders, and Used Books areas we’ve wrapped up some of our favorite stories dealing with matters of the heart, each one labelled with a cleverly tantalizing hint as to what you’ll find inside.

Okay, before I let you go, gaze at these paintings, wish you could be these dancers, and get hooked by these excerpts.

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