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Books Popping Up

by Gwen

There’s a lot to look at at the Booksmith these days.  Our recent store front renovation has eyes popping!  If you are looking for something else fun and interesting you might check out these beautiful pop-up books.

This title, Hokusai Pop-Upsby Courtney Wilson McCarthy, dives deep into the inner workings of Hokusai’s most famous paintings.  Here Wilson engineers paper replicas of intricate works peeling back layers and layers of design and color.  

Accompanied by facts and quotes regarding the artist and his craft this book is full of information, insight, and excitement. 

If you’re looking to learn more about what’s beneath the surface check out Ernst Haeckel’s Creatures of the Deep.

The inner workings of some of the ocean’s most intricate and interesting life forms are laid out in brilliantly engineered pop-ups.

See inside and underneath the tentacles of a giant jellyfish without the fear of getting stung (or subsequently peed on)

and poke the spines of an intimidating sea urchin without fear of a deadly spike.

Come on in and flip through these and many more great titles pouring in to the ‘smith.


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