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Where’s Lyra? What is snow?

by Paul

Zea Barker's "Snow Weasel"Don’t call it a prequel,
don’t call it a sequel,
it’s an equel
That’s what visionary author Philip Pullman has to say about his return to Lyra’s Oxford in the forthcoming trilogyThe Book of Dust. The first installment is coming in October, and half the staff is right now having a lie-down, recovering from the shock of this news.

Go over to our blog and check out my fellow booksellers Zoe and Travis, with reflections on Galentine’s Day (better late than never) and Black History, respectively.

Time for a musical interlude.

Regardless of one’s intentions, writing books can be political (read a deep examination of Arundhati Roy’s decades long - and soon to end - break from writing fiction), selling books can be political, and in a year when events and alternative-events seem to be occupying the same space at the same time (previously understood to be a physically impossible state) even just reading a book can feel political, as Ali Smith points out.
She also, reassuringly, says this:
“…a book always holds the reminder of the organic world, the trees that went to make it - and the word “spine” was originally used for the spine of the book because of the spine of the creatures whose skins were once used to bind books, the place where the skin folded over the creature’s own spine. That’s how close to the process of life, death, time, growth and oxygen the form of the book is.”

Remember this year’s resolution; it’s a simple one, but so necessary: Read one more book in 2017 than you did in 2016!
Bookseller Russ recommends starting with the acclaimed new biography of Angela Carter, one of the twentieth century’s most influential writers. We’re ordering up side dishes of her short storiesnovels, and poetry to go with it.

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currently reading Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.
currently untying the knots in my stomach after watching this.

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