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Booksmith, It’s Happening Here

by Paul


On mornings like this - gray skies, dashes of rain and forecast for Spring-like warmth [that was only 2 weeks ago!], the coffee isn’t really making much difference at all - the bookstore offers something no other place does. Is your mind scrambling through last night’s news, plotting today’s hectic schedule,  trying to stave off tomorrow? Booksmith’s shelves offer thoughtful perspectives from every corner of the world, relief from hassle, and encouragement to prepare you better for whatever is to come.
Ten minutes in the bookstore, it’ll do infinitely more good than that second cup of coffee. Just take a moment with art on the stairs, say hello to the bookseller at the front desk, dip into the first few pages of George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo (my pick for every award this year, I never want it to end and I can’t wait to read it again.) and then move on into the rest of your day.

Underneath the calm presentation of a Booksmith morning, there’s a pulse of excitement.
Giftsmith is holding a huge clearance sale on all of our amazing selection of bags. HALF OFF select bags and purses from Baggallini and SimplyNoelle!
We have $1 tickets for the Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett visit on Tuesday, March 21st @ 6pm. And what’s this? John Waters is coming to town on April 12th, 6pm, with his incendiary marching orders for new college graduates. Tickets on sale soon, keep your ear to the ground and your fist in the air.

For some reason which absolutely nobody can figure out, Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here has been one of the bestselling titles in the country for a few months now. In recognition of this mystifying trend, Booksmith is welcoming Aforementioned Productions (publisher of chapbooks and lit journals and all around awesome patrons of the Booksmith) to our events space for a marathon reading of the novel, starting at 7pm on Friday, March 31st, running approximately 16 hours through the night and the following morning. More details to come!

George Saunders has shared the music that provided some inspiration for Lincoln in the Bardo. You can check out the playlist and his thoughts on many of the songs here.

I’m also always going back to Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, reputedly a raised middle finger to the Stalinist purges. Brave dude, Dmitri. This is also a great model of what efficiency sounds like - not a wasted or extraneous note - the piece seems to want to get where it’s going as quickly as it can, almost as if it’s in pain.

Thanks for reading,
currently reading Lincoln in the Bardoby George Saunders.
currently listening to a good rainy morning song.

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