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Beyond Bathrooms: Understanding (And Standing With) Transgender Youth

by Kiersten
Books for, by, and about transgender kids and their families.

Superheroes Aren’t Weird Enough

by Travis

How to Impress Us

by Alex S
A brief laudatory statement on Flying Eye/No Brow, and the prettiest books of theirs we currently stock.

find of the week, march 1


Booksmith, It’s Happening Here

by Paul
Rainy mornings, In the Bardo, It Can* Happen Here, 50% off great bags.

Have you seen it?

by Liz E.
Nature guides offer the chance for great outdoor exploring and learning adventures.

While You Wait for Summer

by Kiersten

David Duchovny at Brookline Booksmith

by Gwen

find of the week in the UBC

by Paul

Huge Gift Sale! (certified NOT FAKE news)

by Paul

The Truth About Blind Dates

by Gwen
Love reveals itself in layers.

Stick Figure Amy: It’s Hard Being A Book Person Who Loves Weather

by Amy
Snow! Wait. But the books!

Where’s Lyra? What is snow?

by Paul

Galentine’s 2017

by Zoe
Celebrating your friends and the strong, powerful women in your life!

Celebrate Black History with…

by Travis

Books Popping Up

by Gwen
Check out these amazing pop-up books

Blind Date With a Book Gets Real.

by Paul

Stick Figure Amy: Blind date With a Book is Back!

by Amy
It really is great. Sorry about the heavy breathing.

Hours During Store Renovations!


Magical New England

by Alex S
Local fantasy flavor for middle grade readers.

Big Things Bruin

by Paul
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