Seven Minutes in Candyland

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Seven Minutes in Candyland

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"A debut with razor-sharp wit and irresistible charm. Get ready to be swept off your feet by this heart-stopping rom-com that will have you falling head over heels with Wasson's fresh voice." Kim Johnson, author of This Is My America

This multilayered YA rom-com about follows Kalvin, a guy navigating his parents’ impending separation, racial dynamics in his mostly white high school, and a side hustle as a relationship therapist who also sells candy to his patients in need…one of whom is his crush.

Sophomore Kalvin Shmelton has finally perfected his underground candy-selling hustle at school. He keeps his prices reasonable, his inventory fresh, and himself out of the drama. But when a heartbroken Sterling Glistern—Kal’s longtime crush—barges into the storage closet where he keeps his candy supply, a new source of income unexpectedly presents itself: relationship therapist. He only meant to help Sterling realize she’s dating a jerk—and maybe win her over—but news spreads fast that Kalvin’s not just the master of sweets…but hearts, too! And as the son of two famous therapists, he leans into this newfound reputation and the money that comes with it.

The truth, however, is that Kalvin’s parents’ “perfect” marriage is crumbling. He was supposed to woo the girl of his dreams, fix his parents’ relationship, and lend a listening ear to a school full of heartbroken teens. But a jealous boyfriend, a vengeful competitor, and Kalvin’s own growing ego threaten those plans, forcing Kal to rethink all he thought he knew about friendship, family, and love. 

Brian Wasson is an educator who is motivated by helping kids see the power of reading, writing, and thinking critically in a diverse, fast-changing world. Previously an editor for nine years at two major newspapers in North Carolina, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and a Master of Arts in English. He spends much of his free time listening to audiobooks, applying for grant funding for his classroom, and dozing off to random Netflix shows. He currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife and muse-in-residence, Ashly, and their two children. Learn more about Brian at