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Three Things About Emmy Crawford

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Three Things About Emmy Crawford

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In this coming-of-age novel perfect for fans of Lynn Painter and Rebecca Lynn Solomon, nothing can derail Emmy Crawford, the type-A daughter of a senator, from relentlessly pursuing her dreams—not Crohn’s disease, the paparazzi, or even heartbreak.

There are three things high school senior Emmy Crawford will accomplish, no matter what: 

  1. Taking Nationals in debate this season.
  2. Shielding her sister, Issy, from anything that could hurt her, especially her anxiety.
  3. Representing her family well, since her mom may be the next president.

And nothing can get in Emmy's way. Not Crohn’s disease, even if her gut has been acting up. Not the paparazzi, who snap any photos they can get of the daughters of a presidential candidate. And definitely not her feelings for Gabe Castillo, the only debater in DC who stands a chance at beating her—and who she used to be on secret kissing terms with, before he ghosted her. When Gabe unexpectedly returns to the debate scene and Issy starts crushing on him, Emmy works harder than ever to keep her eyes on winning and off her aching heart and body, because the alternative means losing the three things that matter most. 

Allison L. Bitz hails from Lincoln, Nebraska, where she lives with her spouse and two kids. Her superpower is empathy, and she’s been known to have resting tell-me-your-life-story face. Allison holds a PhD in counseling psychology and has worked as a licensed psychologist since 2012. When she’s not working on a novel or counseling, Allison is more than likely writing a song, getting riled up about something political, or trying to track down a pastry to enjoy with her coffee. She has a soft spot for rescue animals, which are vying for species majority in her home (two perfect dogs, two ornery cats). The Unstoppable Bridget Bloom is her debut novel. You can learn more about Allison at or follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok @AllisonLBitz.