A Book of Balance: Kogi Wisdom for a Good Life and Thriving Earth

A Book of Balance: Kogi Wisdom for a Good Life and Thriving Earth cover

A Book of Balance: Kogi Wisdom for a Good Life and Thriving Earth

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We all need help centering ourselves to serve ourselves and our world. In this small, beautiful book, the Kogi—a remote and ancient tribe in the mountains of Colombia--offer their learnings. They pose nine provocative questions to help people around the planet to spiritual peace.

“Just as we are both sitting here and talking, this is how we can live well. All of this you will write in the book.”—Mama Jose Gabriel, a spiritual guide of the Kogi tribe, to author Lucas Buchholz

For centuries, the Kogi have lived in seclusion in Colombia’s remote Sierra Nevadas, known as “the heart of the world.” But in recent years, concerned by the environmental degradation they have experienced in their villages and forests, a few emissaries from the tribe emerged to bring an urgent and loving message to the West—advice on how to live in harmony with the earth.

Buchholz was invited to their home to receive and transcribe this message. A Book of Balance takes us on a journey into a startlingly beautiful landscape and into a sacred space: the traditional fireside circle held regularly by the tribe. In this circle, members consider key questions essential to their community.

In this slim volume of spiritual introspection, they ask us to share in their practice, posing nine questions that focus our minds and hearts on who we are, who we can become.

Throughout we hear the words of the Kogi elders, wisdom that offers revelations, inspiration, and direction for our everyday lives.

A beautiful book to own, to share with friends, and discuss in community.

LUCAS BUCHHOLZ is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who supports people and organizations that want to consciously place the well-being of humanity and the planet at the center of their economic activities. One key to this is the wisdom of Indigenous people. Lucas shows how our modern world can learn from cultures that have lived regeneratively and life-affirmingly for millennia. He founded a nonprofit organization and an academy. Lucas lived with the Indigenous Kogi people in Colombia and is the author of two books.

For more info visit: https://lucasbuchholz.com/en/lucas/