Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse

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Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse

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The sexual abuse of a child creates a devastating family crisis. Parents want to know what to do and say to help their child, both immediately and in the long term. Helping your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse offers practical guidance for parents who courageously face the days and months after a child's abuse. Written in a positive, reassuring jargon-free style, it discusses each stage of a child's recovery. Information for parents appears on the left-hand pages; sample conversations and activities for parent and child together are on the right-hand pages. The book presents the collective wisdom of numerous parents who have been through this experience and have learned how to help their children feel stronger, safer, braver, more lovable, worthwhile, and competent. Topics covered: What to do when abuse is first disclosed; Helping a child cope with the legal system; Responding to the reactions of friends and loved ones; Children's reactions to abuse; How parents and children grieve differently; Rebuilding a child's self-esteem; Dealing with confusion about sexuality; Helping a child feel safe and in control; Typical problems at different ages; Recognizing when a child is getting better.

ISBN: 9780295968063

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Publisher: University of Washington Press

Publication Date: 05/01/1992 - 12:00am

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