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Cool Irish Names for Babies

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Cool Irish Names for Babies

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Irish baby-naming is a hip culture full of gorgeous, often littleknown names whose original bearers were kings and queens, mythological heroes and heroines, saints and fairies. So what are some of the coolest, most appealing Irish baby names?

Names For Your Little Redhead: Cochrann, Róisín, and Scarlett (for girls) and Reed, Roan, and Alroy (for boys)

Unisex Names: Campbell, Darcy, Delaney, and Magee

Celeb Names: Aidan Quinn, Cillian Murphy, Cormac McCarthy, Eoin Colfer, Liam Neeson, and Saoirse Ronan

Stage Names from the great Irish playwrights: Chloe, Deirdre, Eliza, and Juno

Mythological Names: Aine, a fairy queen who would love no man but Finn; and Gael, the hero for whom the Irish race is named.

And hundreds of other inspired and inspiring choices....

Pamela Redmond Satran is the author of two novels about motherhood, Babes in Captivity and The Man I Should Have Married. She is a contributing editor to Parenting magazine, a columnist for Baby Talk, and a frequent contributor to such publications as Glamour and Bon Appetit. With Linda Rosenkrantz Finch, she is also a bestselling Baby-naming expert on, selling over a million copies of books such as Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana and Cool Names for Babies.

Linda Rosenkrantz is the author of Telegram! Modern History as Told Through More than 400 Witty, Poignant and Revealing Telegrams and the memoir, My Life as a List: 207 Things About My (Bronx) Childhood. In addition to writing articles for numerous magazines, she writes a nationally syndicated column on collectibles. Rosenkrantz is also a bestselling baby-naming expert on and coauthor, with Pamela Redmond Satran, of popular books including The Baby Name Bible, Cool Names for Babies and Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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