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Status Anxiety (Vintage International)

Status Anxiety (Vintage International) cover

Status Anxiety (Vintage International)

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Anyone who’s ever lost sleep over an unreturned phone call or the neighbor’s Lexus had better read Alain de Botton’s irresistibly clear-headed new book, immediately. For in its pages, a master explicator of our civilization and its discontents turns his attention to the insatiable quest for status, a quest that has less to do with material comfort than with love. To demonstrate his thesis, de Botton ranges through Western history and thought from St. Augustine to Andrew Carnegie and Machiavelli to Anthony Robbins.

Whether it’s assessing the class-consciousness of Christianity or the convulsions of consumer capitalism, dueling or home-furnishing, Status Anxiety is infallibly entertaining. And when it examines the virtues of informed misanthropy, art appreciation, or walking a lobster on a leash, it is not only wise but helpful.

Alain de Botton is the author of three previous works of fiction and three of nonfiction, including The Art of Travel, The Consolations of Philosophy, and How Proust Can Change Your Life (all available in paperback from Vintage Books). He lives in London.

ISBN: 9780375725357

ISBN-10: 9780375725357

Publisher: Vintage

Publication Date: 05/10/2005 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/10/2005 - 12:00am

Pages: 320

Language: English


Philosophy / History & Surveys

Philosophy / Movements / Pragmatism

Self-help / Personal Growth / Happiness