Clinical Pearls of Wisdom: 21 Leading Therapists Offer Their Key Insights

Clinical Pearls of Wisdom: 21 Leading Therapists Offer Their Key Insights cover

Clinical Pearls of Wisdom: 21 Leading Therapists Offer Their Key Insights

Editor  Michael Kerman
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Often when you attend conferences you overhear people telling their colleagues about the most exciting workshops they have attended. Even if it was a day-long workshop, people seem to be able to summarize the best nuggets of information they picked up.

Here, for your reading and clinical pleasure, is a book that contains just these clinical “pearls” of wisdom, from the field’s leading practitioners.

Represented in this collection is the “take-away” message from some of the most popular conference presenters active in the field today. It covers a rich range of perspectives on the most common presenting problems: depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, couples issues, and child and adolescent difficulties. Each entry follows a similar 3-part format. First is the pearls, a brief listing of three clinical pearls based on feedback the author has received over the years from colleagues, students, book reviewers, and workshop participants. Next is the case example, a presentation of a case that best exemplifies the “pearls” in action. This section also includes an analysis by the author—why they did what they did and what they thought about it then, and now. Finally, each author provides a series of concluding remarks about the preceding material and offers readers a sense of their thinking behind their clinical work, and how this approach might be integrated into other people’s client work. These innovative practices and tools will enlarge your therapeutic repertoire, and complement your existing knowledge base.


Pat Ogden, Bill O’Hanlon, and Michael Stone on depression

Dusty Miller, Diana Fosha, and Babette Rothschild on trauma

Reid Wilson and Margaret Wehrenberg on anxiety

Kenneth Doka, Robert Neimeyer, and Sameet Kumar on grief

Sue Johnson, Carolyn Daitch, and Evan Imber-Black on working with couples

Dan Hughes, Lenore Terr, and Aureen Wagner on working with children

Janet Edgette, Martha Straus, and David Wexler on working with adolescents

David Wallin on the therapist’s attachment patterns

Michael Kerman, MSW, founded Toronto’s Leading Edge Seminars, which offer professional development programs for psychotherapists. He lives in Toronto.

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Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Publication Date: 12/07/2009 - 12:00am

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