The New York Public Library Amazing Native American History: A Book of Answers for Kids (New York Public Library Books for Kids #8)

Discover how a game of lacrosse led to a victory for the Ojibwatribe against the British, find out why the Menominees are calledthe wild rice people, and meet some of the great heroes of NativeAmerica, from Sequoyah and Sitting Bull to Pocahontas. Enjoy theholidays, foods, dances, and stories of these diverse peoples andfind the answers to all your questions about Native Americanhistory....

Why did the Mound Builders build mounds? See page 14.

What was the Trail of Tears? See page 59.

Why didn't Montezuma attack Cortes' men? See page 27.

Who were the Navajo Code Talkers? See page 94.

What was the Alcatraz takeover? See page 107.

What was the Iroquois confederacy? See page 33.

Did all Inuit live in igloos? See page 131.

What were the Mayans' greatest scientific achievements? See page21.

LIZ SONNEBORN is the author of many books on Native American history.

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