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Adults with Autism: A Guide to Theory and Practice

Adults with Autism: A Guide to Theory and Practice cover

Adults with Autism: A Guide to Theory and Practice

By  Hugh Morgan , Foreword by  Geraldine Peacock
$ 213.99

As many health care professionals will attest, there is a scarcity of literature that specifically addresses autism in adults. This volume sets out to fill this gap by providing practical help and guidance specifically for those caring for the growing recognized population of adults with autism. Throughout the first several chapters, the contributors to this volume probe issues of theory and practice from both local and international perspectives. Subsequent chapters analyze the implications that arise from thought and behavior inflexibility, with emphasis on the management of transition and bereavement. Later chapters explore themes such as models for practice in employment and further education, pharmacological and educational approaches to mental health problems, and epilepsy and challenging behavior. This work concludes with a chapter that develops many themes of this text as the basis for a medical training program. This is an essential guide for all those concerned with the care and well-being of adults with autism, including parents, researchers, practitioners, and community care workers.

ISBN: 9780521450706

ISBN-10: 9780521450706

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Publication Date: 09/28/1996 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/28/1996 - 12:00am

Pages: 312

Language: English


Psychiatry - General

Mental Health