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How To Talk To Someone And Not Die: A Handbook for Superheroes

How To Talk To Someone And Not Die: A Handbook for Superheroes cover

How To Talk To Someone And Not Die: A Handbook for Superheroes

By  Lee Burns
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What is wrong with our world today? Could a major part of it be that we have stopped talking to each other and started talking at each other instead, or sometimes not talking at all?

If so, how would we repair it? And what would be the steps to take to restore not only our communication with each other but also our faith in and admiration of each other?

And what the heck does all of that have to do with being a superhero

In How to Talk to Someone... And Not Die, A Handbook for Superheroes, Lee Burns tackles these issues head on. Drawing from his nearly two decades of experience speaking to crowds that now extend globally, and his widely varied background and fields of interest, he offers playful, insightful and sometimes sobering looks at the power of communication and the potentially devastating effects of the lack of it.

In true handbook presentation, and in perfect step with the style of his seminars and workshops, the text is kept short and understandable, with many real-life examples to ensure comprehension and it includes exercises to drill in the skills that we may have lost from the battering of life in its current condition.

After lots of laughing and maybe even a few tears, you may discover or recover your ability to talk to someone, once again. And perhaps even restore your own belief in the superhero powers that you possess.

ISBN: 9780578772127

ISBN-10: 9780578772127

Publisher: Clear Wind Publishing

Publication Date: 11/10/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 11/10/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 134

Language: English





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