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The Victorious Mind: How to Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being

The Victorious Mind: How to Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being cover

The Victorious Mind: How to Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being

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Do you worry about being forgetful? Does your scattered brain drive you nuts? Are you drowning in negative thoughts?

Learn to free your mind and reclaim your bliss with this simple program.

Renowned retention expert Dr. Anthony Metivier was trapped for years by his crippling bipolar disorder. Now the YouTube star, personal mentor to USA Memory Championship winners, and bestselling author is here to share how you can uniquely combine several key techniques to transform your life.

The Victorious Mind: How To Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being is a highly practical manual to the best methods for restoring your focus. By blending scientifically proven practices and detailed step-by-step instruction, you'll design your own combination of winning strategies.

And as you follow Dr. Metivier's straightforward path to cerebral and spiritual freedom, you'll soon be discovering a refreshingly new tranquility in less than five hours of practice.

In The Victorious Mind, you'll discover:

  • The detailed steps to combine self-reflection and memorization to sharpen your thinking
  • How to successfully meditate so it becomes a sustainable, life-affirming routine
  • Ways to beat down stress by developing lasting inner peace
  • The keys to retaining any large amount of information needed to improve your circumstances
  • Powerful methods for enhancing attention, concentration, and much, much more

The Victorious Mind is the go-to guide to restoring your soothing stillness. If you like expert help, well-researched solutions, and transformative inspiration, then you'll love Dr. Anthony Metivier's gateway to contentment.

ISBN: 9780648751984

ISBN-10: 9780648751984

Publisher: Advanced Education Methodologies

Publication Date: 05/20/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/20/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 342

Language: English


Mindfulness & Meditation

Personal Growth - Memory Improvement