Own Your Period: A Fact-filled Guide to Period Positivity

Own Your Period: A Fact-filled Guide to Period Positivity cover

Own Your Period: A Fact-filled Guide to Period Positivity

By  Chella Quint , Illustrated By  Giovana Medeiros
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Having a period is an incredible thing – Own Your Period celebrates what the body can do and provides young people (age 9+) with everything they need to be prepared… and empowered.  
This fact-filled guide to periods is bursting with positive, honest advice on managing and understanding menstruation, covering every aspect of periods as well as lots of advice on puberty and growing up in a warm, friendly and reassuring way.

Topics covered include the fascinating science behind why things happen, with all the details of menstruation through to the menopause explained, as well as answers to all essential questions like what’s a vulva and what does it look like, what do periods actually feel like, and what happens if blood stains your clothes?

Menstrual expert and educator Chella Quint’s witty text slays superstitions, busts common myths and fights period shame, while providing practical information about menstrual products, tracking cycles and sharingher own personal stories.
Funny, insightful and warm illustrations with friendly chatty text makes this an everything-you-need-to-know essential handbook, which pre-teens can refer to before their periods start, and will appreciate when their cycle is more established. 

This complete guide will prove an invaluable companion to any young person about to start their first period, and will help them embrace their cycle with positivity and pride, and grow into healthy, happy people!

Chella Quint is a writer, performer, and designer, born in Brooklyn, New York, and now based in Sheffield, England. She studied at NYU Tisch School of Arts before moving to the UK for grad school. While teaching middle school drama and health, she started using humor and joy to challenge attitudes to periods through her show, Adventures in Menstruating. She became a leading expert on menstruation in the UK, advising on regional and national policy on menstruation education and period poverty. Chella writes, performs, and designs interactive projects inspired by science, health, and social justice. Chella coined the phrase “period positive”  in 2006 and started the Period Positive movement to improve menstrual literacy. She created the Period Positive Pledge as a framework to help others develop inclusive menstruation policy and outreach. www.periodpositive.com

Giovana Medeiros is a Brazilian illustrator, based in Lisbon, Portugal. She graduated in Fashion Design at SENAI/Criciúma, Brazil, and went to Dublin to study a Higher National Diploma at BCFE. Giovana's work focuses mainly on children's illustration, but has also been applied to a series of different mediums such as books, magazines, textiles, advertising, games, and apps. She works mainly digitally, but in her spare time likes to explore traditional painting with watercolor and gouache. Her main inspirations come from nature, women, daily life, literature, and her travels. 

ISBN: 9780711256644

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Publisher: words & pictures

Publication Date: 10/12/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 10/12/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 96

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