The World War I Book (DK Big Ideas)

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The World War I Book (DK Big Ideas)

By  DK
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Discover the key battles, tactics, technologies, and turning points of the First World War - the epic conflict that was supposed to be "the war to end all wars."

Combining authoritative, exciting text and bold images, The World War I Book explores the historical background of the war, its causes, all of the key events across the major theatres of conflict, and its aftermath.

Using the original, graphic-led approach of the series, entries profile more than 90 of the key events during and surrounding the conflict - from the growing tensions between Europe's major powers to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the German invasion of Belgium, the endless slaughter in the trenches, the American entry into the war, the Russian Revolution, the Armistice, and the creation of the League of Nations.

In this book, you can explore the following

-Key milestones of the First World War – exploring the technologies, tactics, and turning points.

-Main theatres of the conflict and the experience of war – from civilian life to the horrors of gas attacks.

-Bold imagery and clear text with insightful and inspiring quotes from military leaders and historians

Offering a uniquely compelling, accessible, and immediate history of the war, The World War I Book shows how certain key battles, individual leaders, political and economic forces, and technological advances influenced the course of the conflict and the following decades. This book is part of the Big Ideas Simply Explained series, with other titles including The Art Book, The Architecture Book, and The Astronomy Book.

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ISBN: 9780744091977

ISBN-10: 9780744091977

Publisher: DK

Publication Date: 03/12/2024 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/12/2024 - 12:00am

Pages: 336

Language: English


History / Wars & Conflicts / World War I

History / Military

History / Modern / 20th Century