The Alchemist (Chartwell Classics)

Complete and unabridged, with an introduction by Felix E. Schelling and a new timeline of the life and times of Ben Jonson, this elegantly designed, jacketed hardcover edition of The Alchemist is an essential collectible.

First performed in 1610, The Alchemist was part of a quartet of comedies known for their wit, brilliant dialogue, and shrewd caricatures. Thought to be Jonson’s best comedy, The Alchemist follows the satirical trail of deception when the gentleman Lovewit leaves his London home due to the plague, leaving behind his servant, Face, who endeavors to dupe all manner of folks—and relieve them of their funds—with the aid of fellow con artists. What ensues is a brilliant depiction of human folly.

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Ben Jonson (1572 or 1573–1637) was born in London. A prolific poet, playwright, and contemporary of William Shakespeare, many of Jonson’s plays were performed by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men company. Married to Anne Lewis in 1594, the couple enjoyed some influence in London and Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1616, Jonson collected his entire works for publication in a single volume—something that had never been done before—and was made poet laureate that same year, for which he was given a pension by King James I.

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