Ketogenic Diet Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Conditions, Seventh Edition

Ketogenic Diet Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Conditions, Seventh Edition cover

Ketogenic Diet Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Conditions, Seventh Edition

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Now in its seventh edition, Ketogenic Diet Therapies for Epilepsy and Other Conditions is the premier resource for anyone considering starting or already implementing a ketogenic diet for epilepsy or other medical disorder. Coauthored by a multi-disciplinary care team from the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, this valuable reference establishes how these diets work, providing both the basics as well as advanced methods on how to start and maintain children and adults on ketogenic diets. Written for parents, patients, dietitians, neurologists, and individuals embarking on ketogenic diets for any purpose, Ketogenic Diet Therapies brings a patient-centered approach to answering common questions related to the ketogenic, modified Atkins, and related therapeutic diets. With useful tips and information throughout, chapters cover diet selection, provide sample meal plans and recipes, offer guidance on how to connect with local and worldwide resources, and much more to ensure success.

Revised and thoroughly updated, this edition reflects the latest pediatric and adult ketogenic recommendations with expanded sections throughout. New chapters have been added to address areas of growing importance and popularity, such as the new modified ketogenic diet, the gut microbiome, infants and the diet, using diets for adults, exogenous ketones, and diets for conditions other than epilepsy with additional coverage of diabetes and obesity. As the go-to text on ketogenic diets over the course of seven editions, this book continues its mission of preparing patients, families, and professionals for the ketogenic journey ahead.

This essential book will help you:

  • Understand how to start and use any of the five major ketogenic diets
  • Fine-tune the diets to meet individual needs
  • Develop and prepare tasty and healthy ketogenic meals
  • Navigate the real world of school, family, and friends with confidence
  • Learn about the latest research on the diet for use in infants, children, and adults

ISBN: 9780826149589

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Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

Publication Date: 12/16/2020 - 12:00am

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Pages: 320

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