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Porous Pavements (Integrative Studies in Water Management & Land Development)

Porous Pavements (Integrative Studies in Water Management & Land Development) cover

Porous Pavements (Integrative Studies in Water Management & Land Development)

By  Bruce Ferguson , Contribution by  Gregg A. Coyle , Editor  Robert L. France
$ 280.00

Pavements are the most ubiquitous of all man-made structures, and they have an enormous impact on environmental quality. They are responsible for hydrocarbon pollutants, excess runoff, groundwater decline and the resulting local water shortages, temperature increases in the urban heat island, and for the ability of trees to extend their roots in order to live. Porous pavements, despite their ability to mitigate these factors, remain the object of much skepticism and controversy.

Written by a renowned expert with 25 years of experience in urban watershed management, Porous Pavements is the first comprehensive encyclopedia of porous pavement materials. The book begins with five chapters that lay a foundation for all porous pavement materials and applications, introducing the types of materials and arrangements, their roles in the urban environment, and the principles of pavement structure, hydrology, and rooting space. The following nine chapters outline the costs, maintenance requirements, advantages and disadvantages for different applications, installation methods, sources of standard specifications, and performance levels for each family of porous pavement materials.

Relying on case studies and factual data from observed experience, and containing abundant references for further information, Porous Pavements gives responsible practitioners a complete toolbox from which to select the appropriate material for site-specific conditions, providing a green alternative to impervious pavements.

ISBN: 9780849326707

ISBN-10: 9780849326707

Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: 02/18/2005 - 12:00am

On Sale: 02/18/2005 - 12:00am

Pages: 600

Language: English


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