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Inn of the Few

Inn of the Few cover

Inn of the Few

$ 45.00

- Inn of the Few offers an account of the homefront of Britain under attack in 1940

- The charming, moving and often funny story offers an insight into the personal lives of the fighter pilots who fought bravely in WWII

- Includes fascinating archive photographs and documents of a momentous time in history

- A rare and fascinating female perspective of life at the forefront of the Nazi attack on Britain

In the dark days of 1940, at the onset of the Battle of Britain Churchill's 'Few', the brave fighter pilots who battled over the skies of Southern England, found a haven in the White Hart Inn in Brasted, where they could escape the traumas of war for a few hours. The landlords Kath and Teddy Preston were there to share in the hopes and fears, the elation and sorrow of the men who lived their lives on the edge daily. Inn of the Few is a tale of those precarious days, an insight into life at the White Hart and its famous visitors. The book includes fascinating anecdotes and archive photographs and documents of a momentous time in history, in which local lives gained national significance.

Katherine Preston was the landlady of the White Hart Inn in Brasted from 1932 until the 1960s. The location of the Inn nearby the Biggin Hill RAF airfield meant that she was witness to an extraordinary time in history. During the Battle of Britain, she created a temporary home for the young pilots, soldiers, Princes, prime ministers and strays who came through her door. Katherine is rare as a female narrator at the forefront of Britain in wartime and perhaps as a result, her story is clearsighted and profoundly sympathetic.

ISBN: 9780903696609

ISBN-10: 9780903696609

Publisher: Hurtwood Press

Publication Date: 06/07/2023 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/30/2023 - 12:00am

Pages: 154

Language: English



Military - Aviation & Space

Europe - Great Britain - 20th Century