In the Court of the Queen: A Novel of Mesopotamia

In the Court of the Queen: A Novel of Mesopotamia cover

In the Court of the Queen: A Novel of Mesopotamia

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2000 B.C. The old queen of Ur is nearing the end of her days. Ten beautiful, young virgins have been chosen to live in the palace to comfort and entertain her. Hana-Ad leaves behind her rural life and enters an opulent world of lavish meals, expensive garments, and hours of leisure interrupted only by lessons in harp and dance. But what Hana-Ad does not realize is that this new life involves a great sacrifice. In the tradition of a renowned past queen of Ur, Queen Ku-bau plans for her ten lovely maidens to escort her into her tomb--and into the next world. When Daid, Hana-Ad's newly betrothed, learns of the queen's plan, he vows to rescue her. A voyage to deliver tablets for Nanshe, the high priestess of Ur, takes him to the palace of the great King of Babylon, Hammurabi. Daid is confident that this will convince the king to free the queen's maidens, but all of his hopes are dashed when the letters are confiscated and he is captured and enslaved. When the tablets are finally recovered, Daid's only route of escape from Babylon is to learn medicine, and fast. His skills are put to the test when a smallpox epidemic threatens to decimate the population. Working day and night, the only

Elisabeth Roberts Craft traveled extensively for many years as a court reporter. She became an amateur archeologist who also reconstructed pottery for the Smithsonian Institution. Nearing seventy, she turned to writing and wrote four novels before she died in 2010.

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