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Fallen for Glory: Jacequeline Roberts (Fallen Origins #1)

Fallen for Glory: Jacequeline Roberts (Fallen Origins #1) cover

Fallen for Glory: Jacequeline Roberts (Fallen Origins #1)

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1967 was a significant year for Jacequeline, that single year set in motion a chain of events that continued over the course of nearly two decades. She tragically lost her brother, and in some ways her mother too. She leaves home for the first time, and meets Evan, the love of her life, only to lose him a few short years later. Her elite socialite mother-in-law, Elaine Roberts, witnesses an event and assumes the worst, leaving Jacequeline with no choice but to convince her of a lie. Jacequeline enlists the help of Frank to pull off her deceit. And that leads her down a path of misery that she never thought possible. Elaine believing Jacequeline had moved on, discovers information that has the potential to change everything, and chooses to keep it from her. When Jacequeline discovers that the man she had chosen to help her, had betrayed her and hurt her child, she must finally face Elaine and tell the truth. The two of them, along with some other people that has had a significant impact on Jacequeline over the years, devise a plan to destroy the man that hurt her family.

ISBN: 9780996857666

ISBN-10: 9780996857666

Publisher: Jakal Publishing

Publication Date: 09/24/2015 - 12:00am

On Sale: 10/19/2015 - 12:00am

Pages: 298

Language: English


Romance - Suspense

Erotica - General

Romance - Erotic