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Severe Storm Forecasting, 1st Ed, Color

Severe Storm Forecasting, 1st Ed, Color cover

Severe Storm Forecasting, 1st Ed, Color

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With Internet weather data growing at exponential rates, dual-polarization radar systems coming online, enthusiasts flocking to storm chasing by the hundreds, and great strides being made in storm forecasting, the time has come for a comprehensive book on predicting these dangerous weather occurrences. Severe Storm Forecasting is the perfect title for the forecast desk. Examine the latest in storm structure, look up the ideal precursors for hail and tornadoes, study up on hodographs and soundings, and take a close look at weather analysis and diagnosis. There's no calculus in this book, no fanciful tornado stories, and no oversimplification of advanced concepts. Pick up this book and step into the severe thunderstorm forecast office of the 2010s. Tim Vasquez is an experienced aviation weather and storm chase forecaster, works as an author, consultant, and programmer, and has appeared on CBS Evening News, BBC, and The Weather Channel as an expert on aviation weather.

ISBN: 9780996942300

ISBN-10: 9780996942300

Publisher: Weather Graphics Technologies

Publication Date: 11/22/2015 - 12:00am

On Sale: 11/22/2015 - 12:00am

Pages: 280

Language: English



Earth Sciences - Meteorology & Climatology