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Cuckolding: The Revolutionary Guide

Cuckolding: The Revolutionary Guide cover

Cuckolding: The Revolutionary Guide

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You may be talking about Cuckolding and you may be ready to try it. I will share with you everything I have learned from my own experiences and the experiences of my hundreds of thousands of readers, fans and social media followers. Opening up your marriage and welcoming new people in to your life is no easy or simple task, if you don't want it to become a train wreck for your relationship. I'll show you how to have all the necessary conversations. I'll show you how to set up an open relationship in a compassionate and ethical way so that both partners can be fulfilled and happy with the experiences. I will share the wisdom of Cuckolds, Hot wives and the Outside Partners.This is the fourth and perhaps most widely anticipated must-read book in the Bestselling Love & Obey Female Led Relationship series by Marisa Rudder. It is a do-it-yourself recipe book for success. It is a how-to have a successful and happy open relationship. In the midst of all the hype, I will offer you, the authentic journey in open relationships; cuckolding, hotwifing, swapping, threesomes, polyamory and more. I'll show you the most common mistakes and false starts, as well as, the hottest success scenarios that will launch your love life into a new stratosphere. Forget everything you have heard before about Cuckolding and open relationships. Marisa's Revolutionary how-to guide is just as groundbreaking as the rest of her Loving Female Led Relationship advice. If you've decided to cuckold your husband, or your husband was the one who encouraged you to cuckold him, or even if he is trying to accept the idea of you cuckolding him, you probably have many questions and you should because, cuckolding is easy. There are important lessons, you both should know before you start. Fantasy is one thing but reality is something else. What are the rules and boundaries you must know before you start? How do you finding an outside lover / bull? Can you have your cake and eat it too? Can you enjoy your marriage, and still have sex with another man? Will your husband get jealous? Will you want to run off with your outside partner? These are all things you need to consider. Should your husband watch? Should you do it alone? This book covers opening up your sexuality to outside people, the pitfalls and the ways to make everything click into place. You'll be able to evaluate if this open FLR lifestyle is right for you.If you are happily married woman in a female led relationship and even having satisfying sex life with your husband do you really need to walk on the wild side with a bull? How do you stay healthy, safe and discrete? Welcome to the thrilling and revolutionary new guide to Cuckolding.

ISBN: 9780999180433

ISBN-10: 9780999180433

Publisher: Randall Caruso

Publication Date: 05/18/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/18/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 136

Language: English


Marriage & Long Term Relationships