Stegosaurus (Hello Dinosaur)

Stegosaurus (Hello Dinosaur) cover

Stegosaurus (Hello Dinosaur)

By  Campbell Books , Illustrated By  David Partington
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Push, pull and slide the scenes to meet Stegosaurus, one of the spikiest dinosaurs to walk the Earth! Follow her on her search for a leafy lunch, as the other hungry dinos race ahead, leaving her behind.

Bright, bold illustrations by David Partington bring Stegosaurus and her dinosaur friends to life. With lots to talk about on every page and fun facts to share too, this is the perfect introduction for inquisitive toddlers to a much-loved dinosaur.

Discover more incredible dinosaurs in this series with Tyrannosaurus rex, Diplodocus and Triceratops.

David Partington is an illustrator based in Bristol, UK. His influences range from midcentury design to Saturday morning cartoons. As part of Peski Studio he enjoys screen printing, a process which often informs his approach to illustration. David’s work can be seen on children's books, food packaging and jumbo floor puzzles around the world. He especially enjoys creating characters. He has illustrated the Hello Dinosaur series for Campbell, including Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus rex.

ISBN: 9781035016228

ISBN-10: 9781035016228

Publisher: Campbell Books

Publication Date: 09/19/2023 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/19/2023 - 12:00am

Pages: 10

Language: English


Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals / Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures