Basics of Video Sound

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Basics of Video Sound

By  Des Lyver
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Now fully updated to reflect the latest advances, the second edition of Basics of Video Sound is a primer for anyone wishing to learn about recording sound. It describes the principles and processes involved in obtaining professional results in educational, training and corporate environments.Assuming little prior knowledge, this book covers everything from how to choose a microphone and obtain the best quality recordings, to editing the results for the final screening. It features: � the latest advances in the use of disc and minidisc systems, computer based editing in audio post production� coverage of studio and location work� descriptions of the role of each crew member � full explanations of technical terms� health and safety precautions� practical advice on the equipment available and how to use itBasics of Video Sound aims to provide the reader with a rapid understanding of what is actually a complex process, without getting too bogged down in technical terms. It is equipment non-specific and references to technical matters are only included where necessary to understanding, for example a short explanation of the electricity and physics that is needed in order to become a good sound recordist.

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