A Monk's Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century

A Monk's Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century cover

A Monk's Guide to Happiness: Meditation in the 21st Century

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A Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness for the Modern Day

In our never-ending search for happiness we often find ourselves looking to external things for fulfillment, thinking that happiness can be unlocked by buying a bigger house, getting the next promotion, or building a perfect family.

In this profound and inspiring book, Gelong Thubten shares a practical and sustainable approach to happiness. Thubten, a Buddhist monk and meditation expert who has worked with everyone from school kids to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Benedict Cumberbatch, explains how meditation and mindfulness can create a direct path to happiness.

A Monk’s Guide to Happiness explores the nature of happiness and helps bust the myth that our lives and minds are too busy for meditation. The book can show you how to:

- Learn practical methods to help you choose happiness
- Develop greater compassion for yourself and others
- Learn to meditate in micro-moments during a busy day
- Discover that you are naturally ‘hard-wired’ for happiness

Reading A Monk’s Guide to Happiness could revolutionize your relationship with your thoughts and emotions, and help you create a life of true happiness and contentment.

Gelong Thubten is a Buddhist monk, meditation teacher and author. He was educated at Oxford University, and became an actor in London and New York. At the age of 21 he suffered from severe burnout and a life-threatening heart problem. This dramatic wake-up call led him to join Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Scotland, where he became a monk. His training over the past 25 years has included spending over six years in intensive meditation retreats, the longest of which lasted four years, and he has studied under some of the greatest Tibetan meditation masters. He is regarded as a highly influential thought-leader, teaching meditation internationally in the fields of charity, education, healthcare and business.

ISBN: 9781250266828

ISBN-10: 9781250266828

Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials

Publication Date: 08/11/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 08/11/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 256

Language: English


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