The VC Field Guide: Fundamentals of Venture Capital

The VC Field Guide: Fundamentals of Venture Capital cover

The VC Field Guide: Fundamentals of Venture Capital

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The Venture Capital Investment Framework

Venture capital is the economic engine that drives entrepreneurship and innovation through capital investments, board membership, advice, introductions to relevant employees, and customers. Despite the outsized importance of venture capital, the inner workings remain hidden. Venture is still a mentor-led industry and it is an industry where you have to do a lot of self-education--you have to learn by doing, and you have to get up to speed quickly.

Until now.

Author William Lin spent over a decade in venture capital, starting in an entry-level position, helping to start a leading VC firm from scratch, and eventually becoming Managing Partner. In The VC Field Guide: Fundamentals of Venture Capital, Lin shares his unique framework, the Venture Capital Investment Framework, to help any venture capitalist, entrepreneur, or investor make better investment decisions, quicker. He delivers an incisive and practical handbook for the world of venture capital. You'll learn about the industry, how to break into it, and discover the art of investing in startups, and more, including:

  • How VC deals are analyzed, vetted, and made
  • Which questions experienced and successful venture capital investors ask startup founders when making investment decisions, and why those questions matter
  • The venture capital mindset that dominates the thinking of the most prominent venture capital investors
  • The best ways to begin a career in venture capital and tips on advancing your career
  • Key differences between multi-stage and boutique firms and what it means for entrepreneurs
  • The different factors VCs use to evaluate early-stage versus late-stage companies

If you want to be close to company creation and innovation as a venture capitalist, investor, or entrepreneur, this book is for you. If you want to be involved in situations that impact economic growth, innovation, and the founders, employees, vendors, and communities that support the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, this book is for you. The VC Field Guide is not only a primer on the inner workings of the venture capital industry, but a timely framework for how investment decisions are made. Anyone who wants to better understand how venture capital investments are made, and why will find this book helpful.

WILLIAM LIN has spent his career close to creation and creators, as an entrepreneur, founder, innovator, and investor. Over a decade as a venture capitalist, Will started as an entry level investor and eventually became Managing Director and member of the founding team at Forgepoint Capital, a $1 billion AUM venture capital firm with roots in cybersecurity. He co-founded and is Chairman of the Security Tinkerers, a nonprofit organization that gathers information for security professionals seeking opportunities in the security community. He is now pursuing the next stage of his career as a founder of a cybersecurity startup. Will graduated from UC Berkeley and lives in the Bay Area with his life partner, dog, and cats.

ISBN: 9781394180653

ISBN-10: 9781394180653

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: 05/02/2023 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/09/2023 - 12:00am

Pages: 224

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