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Brain Training Puzzles: Over 150 Stimulating Puzzles

Brain Training Puzzles: Over 150 Stimulating Puzzles cover

Brain Training Puzzles: Over 150 Stimulating Puzzles

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Over 150 mind-bending puzzles are included in this brain-training collection.

Keep your mind fit and active as you complete this mixture of ingenious brain teasers. These puzzles are designed to improve your lateral thinking, logical reasoning and number skills which give your brain a great workout. As you progress through the book, the difficulty increases so you can test and build your skills as you go.

Puzzle types include:
- Domino Placement
- Calcudokus
- Hidatos
- Number links
- Skyscrapers
- Slitherlinks, and many more.

With a striking cover design, this puzzle book makes a wonderful gift for any puzzle lover.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Sirius Super Puzzles series brings together some of the most superb and popular puzzle types, including sudokus, wordsearches and brain-training puzzles, presented with striking and vibrant cover designs.

Eric Saunders is one of the world's leading puzzle compilers. An expert crossword clue creator, IQ puzzle manipulator and innovator of many new puzzles each year. He has supplied puzzles to newspapers including The Times, is the author of many puzzle compilations for publishers around the world.

ISBN: 9781398817562

ISBN-10: 9781398817562

Publisher: Sirius Entertainment

Publication Date: 04/01/2022 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/01/2022 - 12:00am

Pages: 192

Language: English


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