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Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries

Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries cover

Five-Minute Mini-Mysteries

By  Stan Smith , Illustrated By  Kathleen Omalley
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Detective Stanwick is back And you are about to be challenged by 30 exciting mysteries. Each one takes only about five minutes to read. Every puzzle combines features of the traditional whodunit (physical clues, red herrings, means, motive, opportunity, time sequences) with logic puzzles (true-false statements, matching suspects with occupations, even a little math).
Are you up to a little sleuthing and deductive reasoning?
- The Case of the Suspicious Fire: Did the owner try to burn down his own store? Or was he really home asleep?
- The Megaplast Mystery: Someones threatening the life of The Megaplast Corporations vice president. Can you find the culprit? Youll get some confusing facts, but if you use your smarts, youll arrive at the answer. And many more

ISBN: 9781402700316

ISBN-10: 9781402700316

Publisher: Union Square Kids

Publication Date: 03/01/2003 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/01/2003 - 12:00am

Pages: 96

Language: English


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