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Your Beautiful Body

Your Beautiful Body cover

Your Beautiful Body

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We totally recommend this book to all massage therapists, trainers, coaches, or doctors wanting to know more of this body of knowledge. Most athletes will benefit from this valuable and easy to follow resource as well, enjoy life

"This book can be for beginners to doctors, as the information can be used by most people. The basic workings of the systems, organs and muscles the technology is easy to learn, and designed for immediate application. If you are a trainer, Physical Therapist, massage or body therapist this will take your work to a new level. If you are a medical doctor wanting to know more about sports medicine, this is an easy to use book. I wish there was a book like this thirty-five years ago when I started out, it would have saved me lots of time and searching in other books.

For you elite athletes if you are serious about your sport you will know about muscles like any specialist. I worked for years on athletes and I love working on them as well as dancers they are the best; their bodies are beautiful to work on and they really appreciate good therapy. I was a jock too, most of my life, which is what got me into health in the first place see my story in book or web page."

ISBN: 9781412048699

ISBN-10: 9781412048699

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Publication Date: 03/17/2005 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/17/2005 - 12:00am

Pages: 274

Language: English


Massage & Reflexology

Psychotherapy - General