Leases & Rental Agreements

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Leases & Rental Agreements

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Create a solid, binding lease that complies with your state laws

If you rent out residential real estate, you need to create documents that are legally valid where your rental property is located. Every state's rules are different when it comes to what landlords must include in their leases, and stationery store forms don't tell you what you need to know. Not only does this book contain instructions on how to tailor your rental documents to your state's laws, it also gives you customizable copies of key rental forms you need, including:

  • a fixed-term lease
  • a month-to-month rental agreement
  • a rental application
  • tenant reference and credit check forms
  • move-in and move-out letters, and
  • a property inspection checklist.

The 13th edition is completely updated to reflect the latest state landlord-tenant laws--find out what your state requires regarding security deposits, entry to rental property, disclosures, termination notices, and much more. This new edition also covers topics relevant to today's landlords, such as how to handle online transactions, how to make sure e-signatures are valid, and how to comply with laws protecting your tenants' private information.

ISBN: 9781413326710

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