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Windows Phone 7 Game Development

Windows Phone 7 Game Development cover

Windows Phone 7 Game Development

By  Adam Dawes
$ 49.99

Introduction This Goal of This Book Gaming on the move has become very popular during recent years. With the arrival of the Nintendo Gameboy, people realized that they could take their games out and about with them, and as technology has become more sophisticated these games have grown, too. They now encompass complex game mechanics, advanced 2D and 3D graphics, and engrossing stories and game worlds that the player can literally become lost in. Alongside this phenomenon is the explosion in popularity of mobile communication devices. Nearly everyone carries a phone with them every time they leave the house. These devices have become much more than just phones, however; they provide contact management, e-mail, web browsing, satellite navigation, and entertainment. Writing games for mobile devices allows both these trends to be brought together into the same place. It is very easy for people to "pick up and play" a game on their mobile device as they always have it in their pocket--whether they are progressing through a sprawling role-playing game on a train or simply want the few minutes of casual diversion that mobile gaming can provide while waiting for an appointment.

Adam Dawes is a software developer and systems architect working at a cutting-edge online service development company. He has been a compulsive programmer since the age of 4, when he was first introduced to a monochrome Commodore PET. The love affair has continued through three subsequent decades, flourishing through the days of the 8-bit dinosaurs to today's era of multi-core processors and pocket supercomputers. A constant throughout all of this has been Adam's fondness of computer games. From the very first time Nightmare Park displayed its devious maze of pathways in green symbols back in 1980, he has been a games player across a variety of genres and styles. These days he spends his spare time playing the latest 3D titles on his PC, or enjoying some of the classics in his stand-up arcade machine or sit-in cockpit driving cabinet. Creating his own games has always been a hobby and while he has no intention of becoming part of the professional games industry, he has a lot of fun developing his own titles nonetheless. Adam lives with his wife, Ritu, and son, Kieran, in the southeast of England. His web site is at

ISBN: 9781430233060

ISBN-10: 9781430233060

Publisher: Apress

Publication Date: 12/29/2010 - 12:00am

On Sale: 12/29/2010 - 12:00am

Pages: 592

Language: English


Programming - Microsoft

Languages - C#

Hardware - Cell Phones & Devices