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Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming (Expert's Voice in C#)

Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming (Expert's Voice in C#) cover

Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming (Expert's Voice in C#)

By  Dan Clark
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  1. Overview of Object-Oriented Programming
  2. Designing OOP Solutions: Identifying the Class Structure
  3. Designing OOP Solutions: Modeling the Object Interaction
  4. Designing OOP Solutions: A Case Study
  5. Introducing the .NET Framework and Visual Studio
  6. Creating Classes
  7. Creating Class Hierarchies
  8. Implementing Object Collaboration
  9. Working with Collections
  10. Implementing the Data Access Layer
  11. Developing Windows Applications
  12. Developing Web Applications
  13. Developing and Consuming WCF Services
  14. Developing the OSO Application
  15. Wrapping Up
  16. Fundamental Programming Concepts
  17. Exception Handling in C#
  18. Installing the Required Software

Dan Clark is a senior business intelligence (BI)/programming consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. He is focused on learning new BI/data technologies and on training others how to best implement the technology. Dan has published several books and numerous articles on .NET programming and BI development. He is a regular speaker at various developer/database conferences and user group meetings and enjoys interacting with the Microsoft developer and database communities. In a previous life, he was a physics teacher; he is still inspired by the wonder and awe of studying the universe and figuring out why things behave the way they do.

ISBN: 9781430235309

ISBN-10: 9781430235309

Publisher: Apress

Publication Date: 06/01/2011 - 12:00am

On Sale: 06/01/2011 - 12:00am

Pages: 378

Language: English


Languages - C#

Programming - Object Oriented

Computer Science