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Give Yourself Permission to Shine: Through Faith I Found Love

Give Yourself Permission to Shine: Through Faith I Found Love cover

Give Yourself Permission to Shine: Through Faith I Found Love

By  Grace King
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Grace King was an only child brought up by her mother, a single parent. She had a normal childhood and was always a high achiever with a positive attitude. But without her father's acceptance and love, underlying feelings of rejection, inadequacy, and guilt engulfed her. Her great-grandmother died, and Grace had her heart broken by her first love; guilt, regret, and self-hatred soon set the foundation for her to fall victim to the vicious grip of bulimia.

For more than ten years, she struggled to free herself from bulimia's hold and became lonely, depressed, and desperate. After years of self-destruction, disappointment, and regret, her conscience collapsed, and she longed for her healthy and meaningful life back more than ever. Grace was forever grateful for the friendships she forged and for the relationships she endured, knowing how much they had taught her about the meaning and purpose of life. She was always hopeful that one day, looking in the mirror would bring back the feeling of acceptance and happiness to a now repulsed, sad, and lost soul.

She embarked on a transformational journey that depended on the choices she made each day. Her heart was filled with endless hope, courage, and commitment to searching for the solution toward knowing herself again and being true to herself. Through prayer, she found the path that led her to the light and allowed herself to be cured.

It was through surrendering her bulimia to God, she learnt to love and forgive herself and she finally embraced her healing. She is a survivor and hopes her story will help save other lives too.

ISBN: 9781452548685

ISBN-10: 9781452548685

Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: 04/02/2012 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/02/2012 - 12:00am

Pages: 128

Language: English


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