Cape Matapan 1941: Cunningham’s Mediterranean Triumph (Campaign #397)

Cape Matapan 1941: Cunningham’s Mediterranean Triumph (Campaign #397) cover

Cape Matapan 1941: Cunningham’s Mediterranean Triumph (Campaign #397)

By  Angus Konstam , Illustrated By  Adam Tooby
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The first ever illustrated study of the largest and most significant clash between the Royal Navy and the Italian Regia Marina.

The Battle of Matapan witnessed the first use of decisive new technologies to bring about a stunning British victory over the Italian Navy. The Allies had tapped into the Ultra coded messages sent by the Axis powers, and the battle witnessed the use of radar and carrier-based air strikes to bring about a critical night action. The result was the most decisive engagement of the Mediterranean naval war.

Written by renowned naval historian Angus Konstam, this book offers for the first time a unique and fully illustrated exploration of the battle. It also examines why, despite the emphatic and decisive Royal Navy victory, the Allies failed to capitalize on the strategic advantage earned in the months that followed. Battlescene artworks bring to life the cruiser clashes early on 28 March off Gavdos, the Fleet Air Arm attacks on the Italian fleet, and the 28/29 March night action that resulted in the destruction of Admiral Carlo Cattaneo's ships – Italy's worst naval defeat. The progress of the action from the initial Operation Gaudo sweep by Italy's powerful battle fleet towards Crete (aimed at disrupting Allied convoys) to the events of the climactic battle itself is revealed in detailed maps.

Angus Konstam hails from Orkney, off the north of Scotland. He has written widely on naval history, most recently Hunt the Bismarck and The Convoy. A former naval officer, he has worked as a museum curator in the Royal Armouries, Tower of London and the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a former Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland. Now a full-time author and historian, he has returned to live in Orkney.

ISBN: 9781472857231

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Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Publication Date: 12/19/2023 - 12:00am

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Pages: 96

Language: English


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