The Secret History of the Twentieth Century

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The Secret History of the Twentieth Century

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Much of history is written by the same organizations that, from behind the scenes, cause history. And often, the reason for this to hide their immoral role in causing upheavals like financial collapse, revolution and war. One example of this is the Rockefellers spending millions of dollars to write a history of World War II which hid their role in aiding the Third Reich's rise to power. Another example is the Jesuit universities that write histories that hide the Jesuit role in causing the abovementioned upheavals. The, once outlawed, Jesuits were forced underground and formed the Illuminati and gained secret control over the Freemasons. They were behind both the American Revolution and the French Revolution and later promoted Napoleon into power. Through Napoleon, they had the Pope arrested. The Pope was informed he would be released from prison if he would reinstate the Jesuits. After 5 years in prison, the Pope relented and had the Jesuit order reinstated in 1814. The Jesuits have been the real power at the Vatican ever since. The Jesuit controlled Vatican brought the fascists into power in Europe proceeding World War II and aided the Nazis after the war. Their Knight of Malta agents, like Allen Dulles, William Donovan and Reinhard Gehlen were instrumental in creating the CIA and filling it with ex-Nazis. Later, the CIA was given control over MJ-12 and the extraterrestrial project. The Secret History of the Twentieth Century will lay bare the deepest secrets kept from the people and help to explain why the world is the way it is today.

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