Trusting Your Autopilot

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Trusting Your Autopilot

By  Scott Kaye
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Trusting Your Autopilot was written by a United Airlines pilot who's been flying commercial planes for forty years. But this is no ordinary pilot. Scott Kaye is not only one of the fewer than three hundred Boeing 747 captains in the United States, but he's also among a handful of pilots throughout the world who are licensed to fly the biggest planes into the most difficult airports and terrain.

Trusting Your Autopilot has as many layers as the earth's atmosphere itself. There is no other book quite like it, for within its many anecdotes are not just one book but several books, all with special appeal. It is:

An adventurous memoir of a veteran pilot who's seen it all. An engine fire? He's been there. A near collision with a mountain? Done that. Handcuffing a belligerent passenger? Yep. The loss of a good friend on 9/11? That too.

An inspiring "self-help" book that's a metaphor for life and how to live it. Throughout the book Kaye draws meaningful lessons from flying that can be applied to our own personal journeys, such as "Follow your autopilot," "Know when to abort your takeoff" "Cobb your power," and other insights that deepen and transcend the narrative itself.

A metaphysical "meditation" on the higher realms of life, as they reveal themselves through aviation experiences, including the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reciprocity, and human connectivity. It's a lofty view from 30,000 feet in the air, and Kaye translates it into every aspect of human experience.

A close-up look at the pilot "personality" and the various characters to whom passengers entrust their lives, including the "Hat Nazi" and "The Mummy," and a colorful portrait of the pilot's lifestyle, including jet lag, layovers, pranks in the cockpit and the vagaries of "life in the aluminum tube" (who ever thought that "pee control" would be one of a pilot's most valued skills?). And a glimpse into what pilots love (kids visiting the cockpit), what they hate (delays - just like the rest of us), and what they talk about (UFOs, for one).

A behind-the scenes look at commercial aviation including company politics, close calls you never knew you had, the most dangerous airports, weather that threatens your flight, plus the author's perspective on several major airline disasters, including a new take on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

1) A practical and informative "technical" guide for the curious that explains deicing, landings, those waving flaps on the wings, and much more, but all in a user-friendly style integrated with the stories.2) And finally and incidentally, a guide for those interested in pursuing a career in aviation, including challenges and hurdles and how to overcome them, training, and the critical role of seniority.

All of this - the stories, secrets, and insights are blended together in a book that will appeal to everyone who has ever flown on an airplane. In the United States, that's 80 percent of the population, or 250,000,000 people - and every one of them has asked themselves questions about flying, planes, and pilots, that have never been answered. Kaye answers those questions along with questions they never even thought to ask, but the answers to which will intrigue, inform, amuse, and even inspire them.

Trusting Your Autopilot is the second in a planned series of three books. It includes numerous photographs on a wide range of subjects, including planes, weather phenomenon, airports, heroes and even an occasional villain]

This book is one of three written by Scott Kaye.

ISBN: 9781478798446

ISBN-10: 9781478798446

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Publication Date: 07/31/2019 - 12:00am

On Sale: 07/31/2019 - 12:00am

Pages: 162

Language: English


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