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C# 8.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference

C# 8.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference cover

C# 8.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference

$ 79.99

When you have questions about C# 8.0 or .NET Core, this best-selling guide has the answers you need. C# is a language of unusual flexibility and breadth, but with its continual growth there's so much more to learn. In the tradition of the O'Reilly Nutshell guides, this thoroughly updated edition is simply the best one-volume reference to the C# language available today.

Organized around concepts and use cases, C# 8.0 in a Nutshell provides intermediate and advanced programmers with a concise map of C# and .NET knowledge that also plumbs significant depths.

  • Get up to speed on C#, from syntax and variables to advanced topics such as pointers, closures, and patterns
  • Dig deep into LINQ with three chapters dedicated to the topic
  • Explore concurrency and asynchrony, advanced threading, and parallel programming
  • Work with .NET features, including regular expressions, networking, serialization, spans, reflection, and cryptography
  • Delve into Roslyn, the modular C# compiler as a service

Joseph Albahari is author of C# 7.0 in a Nutshell, C# 7.0 Pocket Reference and LINQ Pocket Reference. He also wrote LINQPad--the popular code scratchpad and LINQ querying utility.Eric is a software development and machine learning leader equally at home with business and technology. He's experienced in architecting software solutions to fulfill emerging business needs as well as identifying new business opportunities enabled by technology. Thanks to a passion for teaching, he's a top contributor in the stackoverflow.com online programming community. Eric explores his keen interest in the implications of artificial intelligence by writing near-future sci-fi novels that are careful extrapolations of current trends blended with adrenaline-laced adventure. His publications to date include The Gods We Make, The Gods We Seek, and Ji-min.

ISBN: 9781492051138

ISBN-10: 9781492051138

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Publication Date: 06/09/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 11/04/2019 - 12:00am

Pages: 1104

Language: English


Languages - C#

Programming - Object Oriented

Software Development & Engineering - General