The Social Soul: Mastering Your Personal and Professional Brand with Intentionality and Authenticity

The Social Soul: Mastering Your Personal and Professional Brand with Intentionality and Authenticity cover

The Social Soul: Mastering Your Personal and Professional Brand with Intentionality and Authenticity

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The Millenial and GenZ generations understand social media. They have grown up in an age of hyperconnectivity, but many don't do a great job at understanding or blending their social presence effectively as a tool to show who they are, their why, their value, and the impact they can create as job candidates or as business owners. I call this our Social Soul. It's how we show our true authentic selves online with intentionality. It shows an individual's love and passion for what they do, and the value they offer to their various networks of friends, current and potential colleagues, prospective partners, managers, direct reports, or investors. For entrepreneurs, the most effective way to use social selling isn't obvious, even if they have come of age in a hyperconnected world. This book will educate and inspire readers to take action on the most powerful and useful social networks to date. You will learn through thoughtful examples applicable to future platforms that can be used to better connect in pursuit of entertainment, clients, networking, and business success in a way that translates across cultural borders.

"Rob's Social Soul reads like a good friend peering over your shoulder, gently guiding you as you try to precariously navigate your social media. These days, it isn't enough to just 'be online' - you have to establish a presence, and an authentic one at that, for it to be of any value personally or professionally. The Social Soul provides you the tools and tips that will allow you to shine in the virtual world."

Phil Delvecchio, Founder, Hapday Group

"Rob promotes the idea of ENGAGEMENT. Well, he's spot on. You can't bore people into buying your product. We don't recommend anything; services, businesses, movies, restaurants, cities or people that lull us into a catatonic state. Proactive, smart, authentic engagement is the singular ingredient to ensure success today. Rob has meticulously crafted the philosophy and linear guide everyone should follow to achieve engagement mastery."

Brian Burkhart Founder & Chief Word Guy SquarePlanet Presentations

"Very inspiring and informative. A must-read for any founder and brand enthusiast, interested to learn about how to build up and foster a value-added network while authentically engaging ones own social media audience."

Luisa El Bouyahyani Co-Founder and CEO LuBu Lunchbuddies

"In this honest, straight to the point and very insightful book, Rob Napoli takes his readers through the social media rollercoaster. Not only does he give everyone on board an educational and entertaining perspective into the realm of social media and how to use its various channels and features. This book also draws a very clear and personal picture about the author himself and shows that life, and all its ups, downs, and major turns, determines who you are and where you stand - also in the online world."

Dr. Tarik El Bouyahyani Co-Founder LuBu Lunchbuddies

ISBN: 9781513690292

ISBN-10: 9781513690292

Publisher: Winsome Entertainment Group

Publication Date: 11/16/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 01/18/2022 - 12:00am

Pages: 122

Language: English


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