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Generation Clusterfu*ked: Mental and Emotional Life Hacks for Millennials

Generation Clusterfu*ked: Mental and Emotional Life Hacks for Millennials cover

Generation Clusterfu*ked: Mental and Emotional Life Hacks for Millennials

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A book that's long past due gives the middle finger to the clusterf*cked culture that has forged and f*cked up an entire generation, warping it away from achieving true happiness and balanced mental health.

Daniella Ventresca, Social Worker, Holistic Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer, shows us that the things we've fervently put all our faith into-technology, social media, viral influencers, search-engine psychology, entitlement ethic, turn-over trends, etc.-have inadvertently destroyed our ability to sift fact from fiction, fulfillment from fantasy, and mental fitness from totally f*cked up. Obsessively curated social media lives have become a generational lifestyle of curated soul-searching. Drawing from a bevy of psychological and sociological research, Ventresca sheds a disturbing light on how this generation's culture of comparison pushes us to lock up the truest parts of ourselves that don't "measure up," which we come to despise, and so use any means necessary-addiction, binge eating, obsessive behaviours, self-harm, etc.-to control, to suffocate, or to just avoid facing our truths.

With a refreshing combination of brutal honesty and I'm-right-there-with-you-babe sisterhood support, Ventresca takes you by the hand on an aha-moment filled journey of relatable stories, cut-through-the-crap truths, and guidance that is too raw to be clickbait-worthy-but is the most authentic way to finally embrace your fears, your faults, and your f*ck-ups.

Generation Clusterf*cked is a much-needed slap in the face-and a loving, empowering hug-for a generation that is desperately seeking to find self-forgiveness, self-love, fulfillment, and holistic well-being. Ultimately, this is the only way we can save us from ourselves.

ISBN: 9781525572616

ISBN-10: 9781525572616

Publisher: FriesenPress

Publication Date: 04/29/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/19/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 162

Language: English


Personal Growth - Self-Esteem

Personal Growth - Happiness

Eating Disorders & Body Image